Loughborough band support for LKPA

On the afternoon of Saturday 7th September 2019, The Loughborough Concert band played in The Carillion Court Shopping Centre in support of Leicestershire Kidney Patients. The response from the public was good and lots of people stopped to chat with us at our table, some who were kidney patients themselves including one of the band members.

We had a variety of leaflets available to raise awareness of kidney disease as well as a selection of goods for sale with proceeds going to LKPA. We also had collection boxes into which we received a surprising sum of monies, all of which will go to the continued support of kidney patients throughout Leicestershire.

The afternoon was enjoyed by committee members, Naresh Lakhani, and Stewart Rushton who attended the event on behalf of Leicestershire Kidney Patients Association they took pictures to share with members. The band are also raising funds for us over the festive period this year and we would like to thank them for their fund-raising support.

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