Books For Prevention And Care Of Kidneys

The number of patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is on the rise. Alarmingly, at least 10% of the adult population is estimated to be already suffering from CKD and it is associated with high morbidity and mortality. Stage 5 of CKD, the last and most life threatening stage, is so incapacitating that life without dialysis or kidney transplant is not possible. Such treatment is prohibitively expensive and only about 10% of Indian patients can afford it. The surest option is its prevention!

Free Access To The Book ‘save Your Kidney’ By Dr Sanjay Pandyas

Ignorance about kidney diseases is widespread. As a first step towards fighting this ignorance, we have links to book“Save Your Kidney” by Dr Sanjay Pandyas in English,Gujarati,Hindi,Marathi and Telugu language will provide comprehensive education on kidney diseases and its prevention to patients, their families, health professionals and all others interested.

Save your kidney

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Save your kidney – Gujarati

By Dr Sanjay Pandyas in Gujarati.

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Save your kidney – Hindi

By Dr Sanjay Pandyas in Hindi.

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Save your kidney – Marathi

By Dr Sanjay Pandyas in Marathi.

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Save your kidney – Telugu

By Dr Sanjay Pandyas in Telugu.

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