Holiday Insurance

Getting holiday insurance cover can be difficult for renal patients depending on the sort of
treatment you are on. Most companies giving travel insurance will not give cover for renal

Pre-Dialysis Patients

Insurance companies giving travel cover ask you to tell them if you have a serious illness. They
will then ask you details of your current condition and may refuse to treat you. If you become so
ill while away and need transport home the insurance cover for your companion may not cover
their travel costs.

Inexpensive insurance cover can be obtained and travel agents should be able to help you find
it. There are some travel agents who will provide suitable insurance cover but only if you travel
with them.

Haemodialysis Patients

Patients on haemodialysis face a problem as insurance provision changes so much even
specialist travel companies find it difficult to cope with. Specialist companies such as Freedom
Holidays or Saga can arrange both haemodialysis sessions on holiday and insurance.

Patients On The Transplant List

Getting insurance while a patient is on the transplant list is very difficult if not impossible
because of the risk of the patient being called when a suitable kidney is available. Most patients
find the best way round this is to come off the transplant list while going on holiday.

Transplant Patients

A lot of insurance companies will give cover for healthy transplant patients. It’s worth shopping
around as rates can vary between companies.

Please click here to download a list of list of Insurance Companies recommended by our members.


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